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Killa Cold X Mint Nicotine Pouches - 24mg


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Killa Cold X Mint Slim Nicotine Snus Strong 24mg/g Pouches

Killa Cold X Mint. from the legendary KILLA brand. Known and recognized for it’s KILLA flavours.

BBE: 03/11/21

The smoke-free, tobacco-free nicotine pouches that delivers a great nicotine kick wherever you go.

Killa all white pouches are smoke free, odour free, spit free and can be used on the go at anytime.

They're totally discreet and convenient to settle your nicotine cravings.

They are in an all white format as they contain zero tobacco. Each can contains 20 individual pouches.

Nicotine pouches are tiny pouches containing nicotine that you simply put under your lip. Use as a top-up to your vape, or places where you can't vape.

The legal alternative to Snus in the EU!

All White nicotine pouches are very similar to Swedish Snus, but contains no tobacco.

The pouches are made using natural plant fibres that are completely gluten-free, with flavour oils and other trace ingredients.

They're white, discreet and doesn't stain your teeth!

Key features:

  • Different nicotine strengths available
  • Different flavours available
  • Absorbs through the gums, not the lungs
  • Intense nicotine hit

Nicotine strengths available:

Light #1: 0-5mg nicotine per pouch
Normal #2:
6-11mg nicotine per pouch
Strong #3:
12mg nicotine per pouch
Extra Strong #4:
13+mg nicotine per pouch


How to use it

Even if you’ve never used nicotine pouches before, they are really easy to use. Place one pouch beneath your top lip so that it rests comfortably on your gums. A tingling sensation tells you you’re ready for action. Now get back to doing what you love. After 20 minutes, remove the used pouch and discard it in the nearest bin. If you don't know what strength to get, we recommend starting with a lower dosage. It's important to note is that the nicotine release is more intense than with vaping or cigarettes.